From the time our company first opened its doors in 1953, our customers have associated Becker Stahl-Service with quality, top performance, quick turnarounds and flexibility. In the industry, the name Becker is virtually synonymous with premium products coupled with expertise and exceptional delivery options. Needless to say, we are proud of this achievement.

All of our products – ranging from wide strip and slit strip, through rectangular and trapezoidal plates, to blanks – are subject to rigorous, ongoing quality controls. This is what our customers expect of us, and they are right to do so. Our aim is to actively work with them as partners and come up with economical solutions that are nothing short of groundbreaking. Backed by the expertise of our seasoned, in-house team, we can confidently stake our good name on delivering on that promise.


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The only way to rise to the top of the steel industry is through outstanding performance – and that means exceptional delivery capability. With shipments of around one million metric tons, coupled with stocks of some 200,000 metric tons and rapid production, our delivery capacity is top-tier.

Our product portfolio in the 0.40 to 4.00 millimeter range encompasses not only wide strip, slit strip, plates and blanks but also processing options for trapezoidal plates, such as hot rolling, cold rolling, hot-dip galvanization/galvannealing, electrogalvanization, hot-dip aluminizing, aluzinc/zincalume and organic coating.

Automotive and auto supply companies account for over one half of our shipments – proof positive of our ability to meet the sector’s high quality and production standards. What’s more, over 30 percent of our shipments are exports, delivered to customers throughout Europe.


Our subsidiaries Becker Aluminium-Service and Umformtechnik Stendal add even greater depth and breadth to our portfolio. For our customers, that translates into an even keener competitive edge within the Klöckner Group. Because we know what it takes.

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