Climate change is considered the greatest threat of this century. Every individual is therefore asked to minimize their own impact on the climate. As a company from the steel sector with complex logistical requirements, we are aware that our CO2 emissions have consequences for the climate. We are therefore all the more determined to live up to our social responsibility by setting a positive example and reducing our CO2 emissions.


Becker Stahl-Service has already been environmentally certified for several years. This gives us the advantage of already knowing in detail where we emit CO2 and to what extent. Thanks to this database, we have been able to develop an action plan that has encouraged us to issue an ambitious target:

We want to become the first completely climate neutral service center in Europe. 

Analysis of the data has shown that our electricity and gas consumption accounts for the largest share of our CO2 emissions. Having already developed a smart LED lighting system for our production halls and warehouses, we have now taken the next step and converted our power supply. Since the beginning of the year, we have been sourcing 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources.

In addition, we have made changes to our procurement of natural gas. Compared with other fossil fuels, natural gas has a better climate footprint. However, CO2 emissions cannot be avoided in the extraction, transport and combustion of natural gas. To counteract this as best as we can, we have calculated and compensated our expected natural gas consumption for 2021. These emissions are fully offset by emission savings from the climate protection project "Kinnaur hydroelectric plant in India".